To facilitate the better understanding of the 4MedBox concept we create different types of content. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves to explain the story better.

If any questions still remain, please contact us so we can work together on improving the 4MedBox.

Open documents

At the SWAT4HCLS we presented our project with the name: FAIR-SaaS (Software as a Service). Here we show a technological framework to easily implement FAIR in a hospital setting.

In this poster we present a way to diversify the creation of synthetic DNA. This is important since a disease can have different genetic compositions and these need to be taken into account when creating synthetic DNA.

In this poster we present a way to create synthetic DNA for both Huntington’s Disease as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Both diseases are rare and thus DNA data is difficult to acquire, using virtual synthetic DNA helps make this easier.

We are pleased to announce that Fitsurance and 4MedBox have been awarded the RVO MIT R&D Collaboration Grant honored from the Province of North Holland by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat).

Together with, among others, the Mayo clinic and the LUMC we have created a poster for the 12th Individualizing Medicine Conference in Florida (2023). Dr. Isa Houwink will present the poster at the conference.

Our scientific article about the standardization of Family Health History app reviews has come out:

FHH Quick App Review: How Can a Quality Review Process Assist Primary Care Providers in Choosing a Family Health History App for Patient Care?

We have written a scientific, peer-reviewed, article for the Personal Genetic Locker project, named:

Using Personal Genomic Data within Primary Care: A Bioinformatics Approach to Pharmacogenomics

To explain our motivation for the company we have written a whitepaper. The whitepaper is a living document and is in constant change. Do you have any feedback on the document? Please get in touch with us!

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